18 Nov

I created this blog mostly in order to have a place to write about the things that come on my mind when I talk about Japan with my Japanese fiancé. While he’s Japanese and neither of us actually hates Japan or anything, we’re not particularly fond of the country and its job-centered money-loving culture.

Especially lately we have been discussing the matter very much indeed, and have decided we won’t be spending the rest of our lives in Japan. In fact I’m not even in Japan at the moment, but do plan on moving there early next year. As soon as my fiancé’s English gets good enough though, we want to move somewhere else, preferably an English speaking country such as Australia or New Zealand.

Of course, you never know where life takes you, so our plans might change over the time, but right now both of us see it extremely unlikely that we would stay in Japan longer than a few years. It’s just not a place for us; we like our free time and things like family, friends, traveling and such rank pretty high in our books, so having my fiancé work like 11 to 15 hours a day — some of it most likely without pay — and my staying lonely at home just doesn’t sound like the future we want to strive for, if you know what I mean.

There are three reasons why we don’t just move somewhere else right away, and they are as follows:

1. As I mentioned, my fiancé’s English isn’t quite good enough yet.
2. I also would really like to improve my Japanese by living in Japan for two, three years.
3. My fiancé has property in Japan and he can’t throw everything away just like that.

My fiancé has been serious about learning English only for about a year now, and having not used English for years and years (after high school really, and he’s 32 now, so…), he started pretty much from scratch. I’ve been studying Japanese for five years now, 99% of it on my own (just a short elementary course in school), and while I’m good enough to maintain a relationship in Japanese only, I lack some specific vocabulary such as business vocabulary and the like, and anyway it’s just not the same to learn a language on the other side of the world than in a country where everything is in that language.

So yes, we’re not moving outside Japan quite yet, but it’s our dream at the moment and everything we do during the next few years we’ll do with this goal in our mind!

As for reasons why we don’t like Japan and don’t want to stay there… Well, I created this blog to explain those reasons and one entry won’t be nearly enough, so I’m going to get into them later on in separate posts!


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